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2015 Distribution of Grants

On October 27, 2015, the Macomb Infant Preschool Program (MIPP) and Glen H. Peters School, serving a combined total of over 1,000 students with special needs ages 3-26 in Macomb County, each received a $1000 grant from Jamie’s Smiles. These grants are to purchase core strength, body support and control, balance development equipment, fine motor skills and sensory input ability enhancement items, seating devices and alternatives for posture development as well as learning toys, to be used on site at their locations and as short-term loan equipment for families to use for child development and in-home teaching.

When asked about their projects Gretchen Bates said, “We work hard to make these grants possible so that we can make a difference in the lives of children like our son. We are proud to be a part of the exemplary work done by organizations such as the Macomb Infant Preschool Program (MIPP) and Glen Peters School by supplementing their budgets with money to positively and directly impact the lives of children with special needs. We are also in the midst of our annual Holiday Adoptions. This year, we are adopting two families from the MIPP program who are raising children that have special needs.”

Contributions via PayPal can be from our home page or you can still send checks payable to “SCF – Jamie’s Smiles – Holiday Fund” at PO Box 183181, Shelby Twp., MI 48318.