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Christmas Giving 2017


*Please note that ages are at time of adoption.

In 2017, the Bates family completed its 21st year of adopting families with our family and friends and our 13th year adopting families through the Macomb Infant Preschool Program (MIPP). We adopted the following deserving families with children with special needs:


Jamar is a 10 month old little boy who lives with his Mom and Dad. Jamar was born about a month early in December 2016 and weighed 5 pounds and 8 ounces. He had trouble breathing on his own, so he was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where he remained for 13 days. During this time, it was found that he was born with Vacterl (a nonrandom association of birth defects that are linked genetically). He went home on oxygen for a few months during which he had two surgeries on his club foot, two malrotation surgeries, two hernia repairs, and a few procedures, the most recent of which was on his heart. Jamar has dextrocardia (according to Wikipedia this is a medical condition in which the heart inclines to the right side of the center of the chest instead of the left, often with a similar reversal of all abdominal organs) which has caused his organs to be mirror flipped to the other side of his body. Jamar has one kidney, a hole in his heart, a right club foot, and severe scoliosis which has caused pressure on his lung and prevented proper growth making one lung smaller than the other. He also has some rib anomalies and most of his ribs are fused together which also is causing additional trouble with his breathing. He will have to have more surgeries in order to correct his spine and ribs in the near future.

Mom can only work part time due to so many doctors’ appointments, unforeseen surgeries, Jamar’s frequent ill health and procedures. Dad works, but makes just enough to get by with rent, food and bills. Mom says that Jamar is the _“…happiest kid in the world nothing seems to hold him down. I was told he wouldn’t sit on his own he wouldn’t be able to crawl and that he would have development problems. However each and every day he shows the world that he can and will. Jamar has a smile that lets me know that no matter what, everything is going to be ok. I ask myself everyday what’s my next move how can I work and take care of my sick child….”

This very sick little boy and his family desperately need our help!


Oliver’s family is made up of six people. Mom stays home to care for her children and Dad works for a financial institution. They have four children: Oliver (14 months old), Isaac (age 3), Lucas (age 5), and Jessykah (age 7). Mom and Dad have been married for over 8 years. After having their first two children, they utilized birth control, implanted by a doctor, to prevent pregnancy. However, it failed and they had Isaac. Two years later, a second IUD failed and they gave birth to Oliver. Three of the family’s four children have been diagnosed with special needs:

  • By 6 months old, Lucas was still not able to completely hold his head up and he was diagnosed Hypotonia, commonly known as floppy baby syndrome which is a state of low muscle tone and often involving reduced muscle strength. He has been diagnosed with ADHD, Disruptive Behavioral Disorder, anxiety, and an articulation issue. He is currently in speech therapy and a full time kindergartener.
  • Isaac is delayed in several areas. He was diagnosed with failure to thrive as an infant and was recently diagnosed with Mixed Expressive Receptive Language Disorder and Global Developmental Delays. He is currently in PT, OT and Speech. 
  • Oliver was diagnosed with failure to thrive and is currently in the "Early On" program. 

In 2015, the family lost their house due to a sewage pipe collapsing. They are currently renting a home. Their rent keeps going up and they struggle to pay the rent, bills, food and medical costs. Mom has begun to exhibit mental illnesses such as depression and major anxiety and does not sleep well because she worries about her children and financial situation. 

Mom says, “With all of the illnesses, delays, diagnosis’s, therapies, appointments, bills, vehicle issues, mental illnesses, etc., my husband and I manage to stay as positive as possible knowing that things will get better sometime in the future; near or far!” This family is struggling to make their bills and put food on the table. They really need our help!

This year both of our families needed and were given: Winter coats, pajamas, winter clothing, shoes, socks, boots, hats, gloves, diapers & wipes, bedding/sheets, some need comforters, books and toys.

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