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If My Tears Could Heal You

By Gretchen Bates

If my tears could heal you

You’d be right as rain.

The struggles would be over

No more trials, no more pain.

I’d wash away your troubles

Turn all your wrongs to right.

Smile love on you through daytime

And tranquility throughout night.

If my tears could heal you

Your hardships would be gone

I’d cry a bright new future

To rise anew at dawn.

Child so small and precious

Seems so much life to live

We hold on tight, we fight the fight

You have so much to give.

If my tears could heal you

Then God would grant my plea

But sometimes child we can’t see all

Or how things are to be.

I love you child, my mild son

So much I’ve learned from you

I pray for your peace if tears can’t heal

This much at least you’re due.

If my tears could heal you

I’d cry no more, you’d see

I’d hold you close forevermore

Alas, that’s not to be.