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Christmas Giving 2012



*Please note that ages are at time of adoption.


This was the Bates family’s 16th year of adopting families with our family and friends and our 8th year adopting families through the Macomb Infant Preschool Program (MIPP).  Jamie’s Smiles adopted the following deserving families of children with special needs through the Macomb Infant Preschool Program– here are updates on how they are faring:


At age 3 months, Brandon Jr. (age 1) stopped breathing in his home.  They performed CPR and he was taken to the hospital where he had many tests done.  They diagnosed him with severe acid reflux.  He had surgery to help open his airway, but this did not resolve his breathing problem.  After another incident when he stopped breathing, he had to have surgery to put in a tracheotomy.  He is now permanently on a ventilator and oxygen.  He has also been found to have a rare form of muscle weakness. His illnesses have required a stay of over five months in the hospital and his parents had to be extensively trained in order to bring him home.

In December 2012, Brandon Jr. had a seizure and some difficulties with his tracheotomy.  He spent over two weeks in the hospital, but made it home for Christmas.  As of February 2013, MIPP is looking to get him a hospital bed and seating system to provide him the support he needs to move ahead physically.  Brandon has a full-time nurse as he requires constant monitoring and has to be tube fed, but he is progressing socially and cognitively and is currently holding his own even though he has a debilitating physical/muscular disease.

As of January 2014, Brandon’s Dad, Brandon Sr. (age 23), has found a full-time job and Mom, Amanda (age 20), works part-time in the food industry.  Brandon Jr. still receives assisted nursing services. The family is still struggling to pay Brandon’s significant medical expenses, but things have improved.


Single Mom, Brittany (age 16) found herself homeless just weeks before giving birth to her son, Kaiden (age 7 months), when her Mother was evicted.  After Kaiden’s birth, she had concerns about his health, but he only failed his hearing test so he was sent home.  Since that time, he has been diagnosed with a heart condition, hearing loss, vision difficulties and failure to thrive.  Brittany has been adamant about keeping and raising Kaiden.  After being placed in numerous foster homes, she recently moved in with her Grandparents, Anne (age 53) and Richard (age 43).  Her Grandparents are also raising Brittany’s brother, Lucas (age 11).  Brittany spends her days caring for Kaiden and attending school.  Brittany walks to school as she has no car.  She is still on track to finish high school and then wants to move out and support Kaiden on her own.

Kaiden is improving and is interested in his therapies.  He tolerates much more stimulation and positioning and is becoming more socially interactive.


Crystal (age 26) and her husband, Jason (age 29) have two sons named Gavin (age 2) & Shane (age 13 months).  Gavin does not speak and Shane has acid Reflux.  Crystal was in a car accident prior to our adopting of the family.  Their car was totaled.  She has been disabled by the accident and cannot work.  Dad is still employed, the family has moved into in a new apartment, and has purchased a car for basic transportation since the holidays.   


We helped an additional 31 families by giving them diapers, books or learning toys for their children and/or gift cards for food.  These thank you’s are from a few of the other families and a note from the MIPP home team that we helped in 2012. 

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Thank you for helping these families!  Every penny counts when life throws you tough times!  We hope you will help us give others a hand up in the future!  We adopt families every fall!  To see the “Thank You Flyer” we sent to donors for this adoption,  please download it below.