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2018 Holiday Giving


*Please note that ages are at time of adoption.

Please check out the downloadable flyer at the bottom of this page that shares the successes of our 2018 adoptions!

This was the Bates family’s 22nd year of adopting families with our family and friends and our 14th year adopting families through the Macomb Infant Preschool Program (MIPP). We decided to "completely adopt" one family this year.  As usual, our family this year really needed our help! Their children need more care and special items than most children and they have serious financial struggles so we have taken on fewer people with greater needs.  This year we have chosen to adopt the following deserving family with children with special needs:

Trinity's Family

Trinity is a one year old little girl who lives with her Mom, Bridgette (age 27), Dad, Antonio (age 30), and two sisters, Latoya (age 7) and Briana (age 10). Trinity was born very early at 26 weeks and weighed only one pound 12 ounces.  Immediately at birth, Trinity had to be rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to be placed on a breathing tube. She remained in the NICU for three months, then came home on oxygen for another six months.  While in the hospital, they found that she had a heart murmur. The doctors are still watching this as she may require surgery.  Trinity also has a suppressed immune system, feeding issues because she cannot chew (so she remains on formula to receive nutrition), and has "chronic lung disease" or "bronchopulmonary dysplasia" (BPD) as it is also known. According to the American Lung Association, 

"Prematurely born infants, especially those born before 28 weeks of gestation, have very few tiny air sacs (alveoli) at birth. The alveoli that are present tend to not be mature enough to function normal, and the infant requires respiratory support with oxygen or mechanical ventilation (a respirator) to support breathing. Although life-saving, these treatments can also cause lung damage, referred to as "broncho [airway] pulmonary [lung] dysplasia," or BPD."

Trinity's sister Latoya also has special needs.  Latoya was diagnosed with autism, but they have recently discovered that she was born with some of her brain's white matter missing.  According to Wikipedia, "White matter is the tissue through which messages pass between different areas of gray matter within the central nervous system."  Latoya is severely delayed.  She can barely talk and according to her Mom she "has to learn everything where other children just learn things".  She is functioning at the developmental age of about 4 1/2.

Mom cannot work right now due to all of the doctors’ appointments and intensive personal health care required by Trinity and Latoya. Dad works, but does not make enough to get by with rent, food and now extensive medical expenses. 

This family is not making their medical bills, rent and getting food on the table.  Mom mentioned several times that they could really use help with food!  So our help this holiday really made a difference!

This year our family needed: Food gift cards, winter coats, pajamas, winter clothing, shoes, socks, boots, hats, gloves, diapers & wipes, a baby gate, pots and pans, bedding/sheets, comforters, books and toys.

Kohl's on 26 Mile Road in Shelby Township, generously gave us significant discounts on the merchandise that we purchase in their store. As a result, everything bought at Kohl's costs pennies on the dollar.  Kohl's also made a $500 contribution and helped to wrap the gifts for our adopted family.


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